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Into harmony’s knot: When you enter our stores you are immediately impressed from their zen atmosphere. They represent our love and craving for fine taste. Our collection of fine handmade carpets as well as other fine decorative items, compose a multi-cultural puzzle, where every piece of it fits perfectly with the others.

We hand select each and every piece of our collection from every major production center of the East. Throughout all these years, we have offered to you only the finest and most unique handmade carpets and we proudly continue to do so. All sorts of colors, complex patterns, countries and cultures coexist through these classic and breathtaking pieces of art. Moreover, we also offer fine handmade decorative items, such as artifacts, jewels, clothes, as well as other items of upmost aesthetic value.

Whether you are looking for a fine handmade carpet for your city home, your vacation home, your office, or if you want to offer a very special present, you can rest assured that you will indeed find the perfect and ideal handmade carpet in our collection.